It would be something of an exaggeration to call the river Blau, which originates in Blaubeuren, an important river. After just 15 kilometres, it flows into the Danube. What is significant, however, is the source of the Blau, the Blautopf ('blue pot'), which provides profound insights into the histo...

Country: Germany


Blaubeuren station is on the Danube valley line between Ulm and Donaueschingen and is served by RegionalExpress trains. There are RegionalExpress train services to Sigmaringen and Ulm every hour, and to Donaueschingen and Neustadt (Black Forest) every two hours. The Ehingen (Danube) – Ulm – Memmingen regional train service (RB) also stops at Blaubeuren, with two trains an hour to Ulm and Ehingen, and hourly direct connections to Memmingen. Blaubeuren is served by two train stations (Blaubeuren and Gerhausen) and is part of the Danube-Iller public transport network (DING).

The town is located on the B28 between Reutlingen and Ulm. The B492 to Ehingen also starts in Blaubeuren. From the Merklingen exit of the A8 autobahn (Stuttgart-Munich), it is only a few kilometres to the town. Thanks to Blaubeuren's convenient location, destinations such as Ulm and Neu-Ulm, Lake Constance, Munich and Stuttgart are within easy reach.

Blaubeuren is approx. 70km from Stuttgart Airport.

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