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City: Crisan Village

Country: Romania

Discover the Danube Delta by paddling

Explore the hidden wonders of the Danube Delta at the slow pace of paddling a traditional boat,to discover the unique, unspoiled habitat and the rich cultural heritage of Europe's largest wetlands.

Hidden water pathways, sand dunes, abundant birdlife, traditional singing and local gastronomy - all surrounded by the world's largest compact reedbed expanses within UNESCO's Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.


Based in Crișan, in the heart of the Danube Delta, the Rowmania Ecotourism Center offers day trips or multi-day paddling tour packages or tours tailored to your convenience and schedule, guided or self-guided, with our assistance in choosing the best route, transport, accommodation or eating arrangements.

Crișan and the surroundings
Located in the heart of the Danube Delta, Crișan village,stretching for 8 km along both sides of the Sulina channel, was founded in the late 19th century during major works on the river were carried out by the European Commission of the Danube.
Surrounded by reedbeds, overflown by spiralling flocks of pelicans, inhabited by Romanianss, ethnic Ukrainian, and Russian Old Believers Crișan is one of the ideal places for exploring and understanding the Danube Delta. Welcoming houses, many of them still preserving the Ukrainian and Lipovan architectural style, traditional food based on fish, the cool of the evening breeze carrying along local legends and music will be the perfect setting for those interested in exploring the the rich natural and culutral heritage.


Access from Tulcea is possible by classic (3 hours) or fast (1 hour) ferry, or by – more expensive – small charter boats. 


one day tour


A day of exploration and discovery along the channels and lakes around Crișan village, surrounded by water-lilies, noisy colonies of terns and gulls, weeping willows, pelicans, herons and cormorants.

Observe, listen and take pictures along hidden water pathways - like Lake Bondar, Ceamurlia Channel, Lake Iacob and Zapadna or Crișan Channel reveal their secrets in the quiet rhythm of paddling.

route 1 - Iacob Lake


route: REC Crișan - Lake Zapadna – Lake Capcicova – Lake Iacob – Crișan Channel- REC Crișan 
duration: 2 hours
difficulty: easy - medium 
points of interest: Iacob Lake (pelicans, swans, egrets, terns), the two lakes on the return channel from Iacob Lake (egrets, herons, terns and Marsh Harriers flying over the reedbeds).

route 2 – Bondar Lake 

route: REC Crișan - Lake Zapadna - Lake Capcicova - Lake Iacob - Lake Bondar – Crișan Channel - REC Crișan 
duration: 5 hours 
difficulty: medium 
points of interest: bird populations on Lake  Iacob and Lake Bondar.

route 3 – Lake Cuibul cu Lebede

route: REC Crișan - Lake Zapadna - Lake Capcicova - Lake Iacob - Caraorman Channel - Litcov Channel - Lake Cuibul cu Lebede - Ceamurlia Channel – Crișan Channel - REC Crisan 
duration: 8 hours 
difficulty: medium. 
points of interest: bird populations on Lake Iacob, Lake Cuibul cu Lebede and ponds along Ceamurlia Channel.

route 4 – Lake Bogdaproste 

route: Sulina Channel (RECCrișan) - Old Danube - Bogdaproste Channel – Lake La Amiază - Lake Căzănel - Căzănel Channel - Old Danube - Sulina Branch - REC Crișan. 
duration: 9-10 hours 
difficulty: medium.
points of interest: the bird populations on Lakes Bogdaproste, La Amiază and Căzănel Channel.

2-day tour: Lake Matița

Day 1: Sulina Channel (REC Crișan) - Old Danube - Dovnica Channel - Lake Miazăzi - Lake Matiţa
duration: 7 hours 
accommodation: guesthouses, Lake Matiţa

Day 2:  Eracle Channel - Mila 23 - Old Danube - Sulina branch - REC Crișan 
Duration: 5 hours

difficulty: medium
points of interest: bird populations on Lake Matiţa and Miazăzi, and on Dovnica and Eracle channels.

4 day tour: Letea - Sulina 

Day 1: Crişan - Sulina channel  - Old Danube - Magearu channel - Letea.

Along the Old Danube and Magearu channels, among weeping willows, egrets, water lillies, pelicans, herons, extensive reedbeds, untill one of the best preserved old believers villages - hospitality and traditional food and singing  in a cool, thached-roof house.

duration 7-8 hrs;  accommodation: guesthouse, Letea village


Day 2: Letea Forest (trekking).

Subtropical-looking Letea Forest lies on a sand dunes system and offers the chance to discover its unique habitat: ancient oaks, ash trees, lime trees, all entangled in vines, adders, nesting White-tailed Eagles, falcons, more than 2000 insect species and the famous Letea horses.

Day 3: Letea - Cardon - Cardon channel - Musura gulf - Sulina.

Along the Cardon channel untill the Musura gulf - a wide lagoon separated from the sea by a thin sandbar - through the ocean of lilies streching beyond the horizon. The only witnesses: egrrets, herons, terns and pelicans.

duration: 5 hrs; accommodation: hotel/guesthouse, Sulina


Day 4: Sulina (walking).

After its long European journey, Danube meets the Black Sea at Sulina, turn of the centuries Europolis, a hub for european nations while the Danube Commission was seated here. Walk to the beach, the Old lighthouse, the Maritime Cemeterry.

Personalized Tours


Upon request, tours can be tailored and REC can provide the necessary equipment, guidance and assistance for the moest convenient route, transport, eating and accommodation arrangements.


For reservations, details about our tours or any other enquieries, please contact Victor Mușat, our program coordinator on:

phone: +40 (0)735 882 969



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